Driving this road down to paradise...

So I did this one on my own (ok I lied, our little sister helped with the drums though because she the master). "Get Lucky" gets all the attention on Random Access Memories, but for me, "Fragments of Time" is definitely the best song on this album. Love the phrase, love the simplicity of the lyrics, the vibe this song puts out, and Todd Edwards' voice is just on point.

Anyways I changed it up a lot. So... :)

I'd do anything for you.

Three weeks ago we covered Foster the People's "I Would Do Anything For You" but it sounded kind of off. I've been working on it and trying to fix it up some more and I think it's closer to how I want it to sound outside of headphones. So I took down the old one and put up this new one. The chorus definitely gets ~*bigger*~ than the previous version because I turned up the electric guitars and added another layer of a Wurlitzer piano. OK good night I'm tired <3

Sexy NINJA!!

I don't know how or why I keep ending up at Guitar Center in Sunset Blvd every weekend, but I do. I really really want a Gretsch guitar and they have a nice display of them up on the wall so I guess that's why I drive an hour just to look at them.

So I took a nap after getting home (where I made brief eye contact in the parking lot with British hottie and Warm Bodies actor Nicholas Hoult), I woke up and this came out of me.

I call it "Sexy Ninja." I literally JUST woke up so that explains the bleary-eyed look on my face.


I made this right now and it's called Sexy Ninja!! (This is what happens after I take naps) #guitar #solo #Gibson

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Breathe Acoustic

The quality is unforgivably bad but we're getting a new camera hopefully this weekend. :)

I'm dealing with adult acne right now so please forgive the zits on my forehead, chin, and cheeks. I can't put any makeup on it because it'll only make it worse

Hello, I've waited here for you.

I remember when I first saw the video for Everlong when I was about 11 years old.

I literally said out loud, "Isn't that the guy from Nirvana?"

Yes, little one, it was.

And so my never-ending love for Dave Grohl (and this song) began.

A few days after seeing the music video on MTV, my crush (whom I was basically in love with...maybe even STILL, if we're going to be completely honest here) let me listen to "Everlong" on his Sony compact disc player because he had just gotten the CD The Colour and the Shape. He said that his brother "got him the CD and it was really bitchin'." Yes, we talked like that in '97.

My high school girlfriends and I used to blast this song while driving to the beach, sipping our In-N-Out milkshakes with the windows rolled down and hair basically flying everywhere.

When I saw Foo Fighters play at Weenie Roast in '04, I passed out in the lawn area to this very song I decided to cover (it was a hot day and I passed out multiple times, now that I think of it).

And in college, during Finals Week, this very special guy and I sat in front of the Humanities building under one of the biggest trees on campus, him wearing one earbud and me with the other, mouthing/whispering the lyrics to each other because people were studying around us.

So here's my lightly edited acoustic cover of Foo Fighters' Everlong. I dedicate this song to all my past and future loves. <3

PS Please listen in headphones I don't know how to master :(


No, my little love angel music baby, I am not kidding you. I admittedly am not 100% happy with some of the notes I chose to hit during these 4 minutes and 13 seconds, but I think that makes it a little bit more raw so...yeah.

I've become so obsessed with Arctic Monkeys over these past few months that it's ridiculous. I've always liked them (Favourite Worst Nightmare is one of my favorite albums) but have you seen that Alex Turner these days because if you haven't, then you should go and see because that explains things.

So here's our cover of Do I Wanna Know? off of AM.  I find myself relating to this song these days and just wanted something crazy simple to share with our gentle viewers - acoustic guitar, bass, claps, a little tambourine, and some background vocals. Like I said it's not perfect but whatevs, it was a fun labor of love for one of the best bands ever. Enjoy!

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

We like to spend our days in Los Angeles because their Barney's store is much bigger than any in Orange County. But one attraction that we thought was cool was the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, located in Beverly Hills (near Rodeo Drive).

It literally is an ATM - it dispenses out a cupcake when you put money in it. Don't believe me? See for yoself:

OC Fair

The OC Fair is an annual fair held in Costa Mesa, CA from July 12th to August 11th and it's the biggest event of the year here in Orange County. Sweaty bodies everywhere, literally. I had no clue of its existence until a few years ago (I think my freshman year of college). I went with my sisters and I became obsessed with the fried food.

Fried Oreos.

That first summer I discovered the OC Fair, I gained about five pounds and it's all Fried Oreo's fault.

I didn't go last year, sadly. But I made sure to go this year.  Something I hadn't known about in all the years I'd been going to the OC Fair was the numerous amount of livestock you can meet there. There's literally barns everywhere. Which is weird, because the only barn I'd ever seen around here was the one near Ikea.

Instead of eating fried foods this past Sunday, I met a sheep. I wasn't sure how to approach it - I was standing next to a lady who was patting the sheep's butt - so I asked her, "What do I do - do I just put the back of my hand up to his nose like I would to a dog?" She just laughed and kind of backed away as the sheep bopped my hand with his nose. Their bodies feel so WEIRD. I didn't know what I was petting. It didn't feel real. I'm at a loss for words trying to describe petting a sheep. I was so busy petting it that I didn't even take a picture. If you ever get the chance to pet a sheep, do it. It's kind of life changing? I don't know.

I had no idea how adorable cows were up close. There were high school students on their cell phones, sitting on enormous bales of hay next to these cows (I probably should have asked them why were they there, but whatevs). They had long, pretty eyelashes.  

But I enjoyed seeing the llama. I always think of the book Is Your Mama a Llama? when I hear about llamas. I thought I got his or her head in the picture, oh well.

There was also a giant horse named Hercules you could pay a dollar to see. He really was a giant horse.  

And there was a huge alligator (crocodile? Note to self: must look up the difference between the two) you had to pay $2 to see. There was a huge line. And that's something interesting about people here in Orange County (not sure if this applies anywhere else) - if we see a long line, we just have to stand in it.  

I didn't go on any rides because I didn't have enough cash and I hadn't brought my ATM card. So I guess I'll be back next week, OC Fair. 

Look at all that food

Look at all that food

Alligator or Crocodile I forget

Alligator or Crocodile I forget

La da di da di, we like to party

La da di da di, we like to party

Gibson Girl

I love Gibson guitars.

Les Pauls in particular. I saved up for about a year so I could purchase my first one back in 2008. I picked up this Les Paul studio guitar at Guitar Center in Fountain Valley, CA. It took me just ten minutes to decide on this one. All I could think when I saw it was, "Shiny. Gold. Pickups!!!!" I tried it out on a Vox amp and ended up buying that too.

I have another Les Paul studio in cherry I bought on eBay a year later, and a shiny red ES-335 I bought a few months ago.

I don't know why I chose the colors I did. I guess because white + red = pink? Gibson, if you ever read this, please make a pink Les Paul. PLEASE. I AM BEGGING YOU.

I don't know why the carpet looks all poopy colored - it's actually supposed to be white.



Our site is now up and while there's not much to look at, at least it's here. Yay.